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on April 07, 2017

Previously, we saw what a smart school is and it’s impact on Education, not only do these schools employ smart school softwares and technology but also provide the right learning environment for the modern student. Smart Schools are tasked with being up to date with the latest teaching practices and education administration processes so as to understand their students’ needs. There are many schools that are adapting and could be classified as a smart school; but a very few of them are actually in sync with what the next step for a smart school could be.
To integrate different sections of their diversified operations into a single, cohesive and easy-to-use system, many schools are now looking towards ERP software, Enterprise Resource Planning software. The main objective of these measures are to streamline the management processes and reduce operational costs. It is very well known that ERP systems are a part and parcel of any automation and smart industry; in this case, it only makes sense for smart schools to enter into purchasing the right ERP.

The Smart School Trend

Technology has invaded schools with a storm since the advent of the internet and the mobile phone. Smart schools have high quality audiovisuals in classrooms, location tracking of school buses, student tracking from the time of their admissions, automated timetable allotments and loads of other such optimizations. With ERP, the functions across the enterprise get integrated into a single system that supports the smart school’s finances, human resources, student service transactions and processes. These ERP solutions offer the advantage of being integrated with each other and being capable of tracking many things at the same time. For instance, when data is changed in one area, information automatically changes in all the related areas and functions. When ERP is being implemented, it can also lead to the redesigning of the standard systems according to the global best practices.

Challenges faced by Smart Schools

The challenges that smart schools face in implementing any software/technology are often related to technical and budget related issues. At times, the staff in the institution is not fully trained in the use of the smart school software being implemented. Also, the decision makers at the institutions want to have a clear view of how the software can help in reducing the cost of managing/running the institution. But the process of installing any smart school technology is never quick and easy, and the experience of implementation and installation is always different for every smart school. Although technologies like Youtube, Skype, & tablets are all easy technologies to implement in smart schools but are a little heavy on the infrastructure side of things. Smart school softwares like Skype, Youtube etc require the school to have a high speed broadband internet connection to actually allow the students to have the experience these technologies claim to provide; while tablets are an expensive affair in general. 

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